Sustanaible Solutions

Who are we? 

As part of the Cividesign Group, Greenb2e is a Spanish company that provides Consulting, Engineering, Management and 'EPC' services.

Created in Valencia (Spain) since 2005, Grupo Cividesign has accumulated an intense experience in the fields of Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energies, Environment and Civil Works, providing its services and acting as a partner for clients of both the public and private sector in the different sectors and Countries.

Customer-oriented and its needs, Greenb2e bases its commitment on a process of 'continuous improvement', generating valuable know-how with quality systems, methodologies and 'own' technological developments that guarantee success and the highest quality in each one of the sustainable energy solutions.


Sustainable leadership reflects the emerging awareness among people who are deciding to live their lives and lead their organizations in a way that takes into account their impact on the planet, society and the health of local and global economies
— Mary A. Ferdig

What we do?

As a GLOBAL ENERGY MANAGER, Greenb2e offers INTEGRAL SOLUTIONS tailored to the customer, following the principle of SUSTAINABILITY.

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