Demand Projects

Proven Experience



Among the work carried out by our professionals, the following projects stand out.




Measures taken on facilities

  1. Pre-audit
    • Energy Consumption Analysis
    • Diagnosis. Identification of inefficiencies
    • Facilities Status
      • HVAC
      • illumination
      • Thermal Envelope
    • Identification of lines of action and improvement aimed at achieving potential savings.
  2. Inventory of major energy consuming facilities
    • Knowledge, analysis
    • Maintenance optimization
    • Determine the starting point for performance improvement and detection of MAE's
  3. Operational analysis of the facilities
    • Detection of MAEs:
      • Sealing and infiltration control
      • Improvement of the thermal properties of the envelope
      • UMA-oriented maintenance of EE
      • Replacement of bad type units.
      • Restore and implement centralized control in the installation
      • Setpoint temperature adjustment
      • Control of lighting circuits
      • Power Factor Correction
      • Photovoltaic system
      • Optimization of the information screens schedule

> Energy Savings ~ 6.8 Gwh/year

> Savings ~ 500.000 €/year

> Avoid Emissions ~ 2.72 (CO2)/year