Renewable Energy


Seriousness and Quality

At Greenb2e we are specialists in consulting, management and development of renewable energy projects from small to large scale, covering all steps from promotion to start-up in both wind and solar parks.

Our goal is for our investors to achieve theirs.



For those who are considering investing in the renewable energy industry (whether investing in existing projects or developing new Greenfield projects), Greenb2e is the ideal consultant and partner because of the vast experience we treasure on the field. Offering the best services, our work process involves the following customer support actions:

  • Market entry strategy.
  • Analysis of competition in the market.
  • Advice on Fusion and Acquisition of Technological Companies.
  • Analysis of emerging markets.
  • Capital increase strategy.
  • Evaluation of the regulatory framework.
  • Search of sites.
  • Preliminary resource calculation.


We carry out the installation of MET MAST, LIDAR and SODAR equipments and meteorological stations in any part of the world, that allow to achieve with quality one of the most important parts of any great renewable energy project, the evaluation of resource.

Through our internal protocol of action we reduce the uncertainties of measurement to offer the project a greater bankability.

We offer the following services:

  • Site Selection
  • Permissions Management
  • Installation
  • Processing, filtering and reporting of data
  • Dismantling


Using our own or customer's measures, we develop resource and park production studies. We have extensive experience in drawing up resource maps on both large scale and micrositing. In case of not having detailed measures we offer preliminary studies through mesoscale and microscale models. For the park design we use the synergies between our resource department and civil engineering to optimize layouts.



PARK DESIGN 'Ready to Build'

Once Greenb2e has access to all the data of the measurement campaigns we design the layout of the installation considering mainly the following aspects:

  • Environmental Restrictions
  • Accesses and nearby towns
  • Electrical network and evacuation capacity
  • Generator specifications from manufacturer
  • Schedule of execution
  • Maintenance

All this is studied and designed by searching

  1. Optimal Layout
  2. Maximize energy production with detailed study of losses
  3. Decrease construction costs
  4. Financial study of the project to ensure feasibility

In addition we offer Technical Due Diligence and Advice for all the steps of execution and design of wind farms and photovoltaic plants .