Renewable Projects

Proven Experience

Through the experience of our professionals, the following projects, studies, works and interventions have been successfully completed.


International Wind Atlas

  • Analysis of mesoscale models from different suppliers.
  • Obtaining by comparative analysis of areas with viable wind potential from all areas for the development of wind farms.
  • Obtain the maximum capacity of installable Power in these areas taking into account all the above factors.
  • Generation of wind models with wind simulation software for the development of resource maps from mesoscale data.
  • Wind Resource Optimization.
  • Viability of Network Interconnection.
  • Land Property.
  • Minimization of environmental conditions.
  • Viability of accesses and Civil Works for the execution of the Park.

Resource Analysis and Basic Design

  • Work done for each location:
    • Wind resource analysis using Windsim and Windpro.
    • Topographic Analysis.
    • Selection of Turbines.
    • Micrositing.
    • Analysis of Energy production.
    • Analysis of losses by stelae.
    • Analysis of technical losses (availability, electrical, network restrictions, environmental ...)
    • Layout Optimization (Minimize wake losses, constructive viability ...)
    • Analysis of uncertainties. (P50-P75-P85-P90)

Measurement Campaigns

  • Design of measurement campaigns in complex and flat terrain.
  • Installation of towers: More than 60 met mast installed throughout the world.
  • Measurements made with SODAR and LIDAR.
  • Data filtering, incident notifications and monthly reports.
  • Dismantling of the towers.

Detail design

In Greenb2e, our team has accomplish several studies for more than 1200 MW in renewable projects in LATAM, Spain and East Europe

  • Civil Engineering
  • Accesses and vials
  • Platforms
  • Foundations
  • Electric design
  • MV transmission lines
  • Switchgear selection
  • Design of protections, single-line schemes
  • Calculation of budgets.
  • Planing and control of works on site.
  • Financial and feasibility studies.